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It's Summer Time

Classes are out and now there's time for even more Ultimate! Looking for Pickup?? Join the Fairfax Pick up Group HERE


Practice: Tuesday's and Thursday's 4:30 - 7pm
*Starting in the Fall

This Week at Mason Ultimate - Summer Plans

This week at Mason Ultimate, we are focusing prepping for next season.

We have finally kicked off club season! With many of our players inside of clubs in and around the nation, we are looking forward to even more growth to our returning roster. After a graduating 4 Seniors, Nick Schall, Sam Gabrielson, Matt Eiman, and Jeremy Steinel, from a team of 18. It's going to be a recruitment focused season! The Class of 2015 is all grown up and are now a Seniors, with 4 years in making we are destined for greatness. Now that we have all lived and breathed Ultimate for almost 4 years we are ready for the next steps. Taking it to that next level, because for some of us it'll be our last 2 Semesters to leave our mark on the World of College Ultimate.

New Gear?

We've been in talks with a company about a sponsorship that will support Mason Ultimate. A company out based out of Utah that has it's hands in many different sports. Has invited us to partner with them to bring a new look and feel to Mason Ultimate. We are currently feeling out the designs for many different items that we hope you'll like. Cause we are also opening the store to YOU, so you can be part of the Mason family too! *Stay tuned for more news

Next Season

This year just like any other we'll be looking for huge recruitment numbers to have a full roster of committed players. We will have all kinds of events planned for the first few months or so of the fall. Parties, Freshman BBQ, Tossing Tuesdays, and much more. As we get closer we will be sending out emails,and posts on Social Media. So fill out our interest form to get emails about practices, pick up, etc.(Meet the Team)

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